About us

The Killer B Fitness philosophy is that of building a house. If you want a house that will stand up to the elements you must first lay a solid foundation. The foundation of our bodies' begins with our heart and lungs. Cardiovascular exercise in the form of INTERVAL TRAINING is absolutely the most important type of exercise we can do for our overall health. Done correctly it is also one of the best ways to strengthen the core and improve posture. 

Taking it a step further, you must select the best materials for your foundation. If you go with a generic infrastruction then you will build a base that is lacking in strength and form. Nutrition is one of the key factors to producing the results we are all looking for. You simply cannot build an efficient cardiovascular system with inferior quality foods.

Fine tuning and adding all the nice fixtures to your house is also a very important part of it all, but cannot be done correctly unless the best materials were used and time was spent laying a very solid foundation. What we are talking about here is all the dynamic strength, balance and flexibility exercises. 

There is one thing that take precedence over everything mentioned above. A high level of commitment and a positive attitude are by far the most important factors to success. If you've got these then it's not a question of if you are going to succeed. It's just a matter of when. If you don't have these then just get started with the correct formula and give your mind a chance to catch up with the commitment level and positive attitude. If you want something bad enough then you will get it every time. End of story! 

To sum it up, none of the above can be skipped if you want the complete fitness and health package. Unfortunately most of us skip building the solid foundation part and only work on adding the pretty fixtures. This is the biggest setback to getting the results we all want and is the reason why most fitness routines don't produce lasting results. Building a strong and nice looking physique is a work of art and knowing the correct formula is essential.

At Killer B Fitness we make building the cardiovascular foundation fun and motivational. It's not a boring 30-60 min straight on one machine. It's a high energy and very efficient interval workout on 5 different cardiovascular machines mixed with the most fun and exciting core and strength routines. If you are competitive then there are oportunities for you to test your skills against other like minded members. If you are not competitive then you'll also love Killer B because the energy of the group will help motivate you to do your best while working at your own potential. 

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